I firmly believe that the younger generation needs to take control of their finances to live the lifestyles they deserve.

This requires clarity and confidence when making their financial decisions and I'm ready to provide them with support and guidance necessary to minimise risks and eliminate unnecessary pain.



1. Clear trading strategy
2. No need for large capital

This strategy is the result of spending 10 years in the forex markets. I have truely seen it all. This strategy was formed by taking all the best pieces from all the best traders and has allowed me to become a full time funded trader.


1. Forming an essential macro view
2. Learning to hedge like a hedge fund

I will teach you how to nearly eliminate the two biggest risks known to investors. This is market risk and stock specific risk. I learned this strategy while being mentored by the former managing director of Goldman Sachs. This strategy has consistently outperformed the market in the last couple of years. 

This minimalistic way of starting from the macro drivers of the market will make it all click and thereby saving you time and effort by making it simple to implement and truely understandable and logical.


1. Key high performance insights/habbits
2. Understanding spirituality to improve your life

In order to receive more you must first become more. It is my privilege to have earned a position in life that I can spend time on my personal growth and I look forward to sharing the most powerful insights from the spiritual to the physical and everything in between.


• Regular backgrounds - Phill has a background as a college athlete and not a banker. The reason this is important because he loves to approach this all in a very sports minded way and truly loves helping younger generations feel empowered and confident about their investment decisions.

• Experience - having come from a very normal backgrounds we understand how it all feels and looks at the start. Experience enables us to simplify the complex financial jargon that sometimes can be so intimidating.

• TRANSPARENCY - we always encourage patient, non-judgemental, logical and resourceful decisions.

• IMPORTANCE - nowadays we have too many fake or unregulated platforms with fake promises which most of the times results in huge financial losses. With our help you will be able to recognise what is real and what is not.