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Philippe has truly changed my view on the investment landscape. I used to think it was all about buying good companies, but I now understand that whether an investment is good or not depends on the macro landscape and not only on the micro company level. This makes it very easy to filter out the noise of the media and stay positioned in the big macro currents in the best way. This brings a lot of peace of mind and better returns.
Being new to trading I was looking into all kinds of indicators. Philippe showed my you don’t really need any indicators on your charts you only need to be aware of the price action because indicators are based on price action anyway. The system is very clearly understandable and doesn’t leave any room for biases or opinions to be projected in the market. This takes a lot of stress away because it’s always clear what to do at the time.
Striving for improvement and being at peace in the present moment don’t have to be opposites as I have now understood. Great stories and analogies are used to clearly communicate the messages of self-development teachings that are thought by Philippe. Really recommend!